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How Much Does A House Clearance Cost? Do You Pay Us? Do We pay You?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

This is a common thought that goes through most of our client's heads when they are left to deal with clearing out a property of a loved one or maybe clearing out the property of a late relative or friend.

Several things come into play on a house or flat clearance.

1. Is the furniture all old?

2. Does the furniture have fire labels on them?

3. Does any of the household items have any re-sale value?

4. Are any of the items ideal for a charity shop to sell?

5. What can be recycled? Glass, plastic, cardboard etc.

6. What needs to go to the

How much does a House clearance cost
How much does a House clearance cost

waste management site?

When we do a call out we take this all into consideration and then work out the costs and explain to you how this all breaks down.


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